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Fonterra Clandeboye Custom Build: 24V DC Cabinet

 Helios Power Solutions designed a 2m high 19" rack cabinet containing 24V DC output linear design power supplies with associated DC distribution panels and digital V/I indication. This was to be used in a dairy factory for powering PLC's (programmable logic controllers) and analogue control systems.
Linier design systems were specified as they are more reliable when operated in electrically noisy environments such as dairy factories and other heavy industrial plants. They are also used where extremely low rf emissions from power supplies are essential.

Schaefer 40kW Liquid Cooled Power Supply
  • For semiconductor manufacturing industry
  • Highly demanding environment
  • Extreme load variations
  • Transfer of thermal energy into a fluid for heat exchange re-capture
  • Programmable output parameters through Client Interface.
Schaefer Uninterrupted Power Supply System
  • 110VDC System for Automation industry
  • High voltage density for installation within an industrial automation plant
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Continuous short circuit protection
  • For installation within an existing cabinet.
QD   2010
Schaefer Mobile Battery Charger Systems for Automation Industry
  • Indication of voltage and current via LED
  • Input: 230VAC alternating current
  • Output: 12-220VAC, 40A
  • Protection category: IP 42
  • Cooling: natural convection
  • Increased mechanical strength.
Schaefer AC/DC Converter with 7kW Power Rating
  • Input voltage range: 3x185-230VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Output voltage rage: 100-240VDC adjustable
  • Inrush current limited by thermistor
  • Tropical protection
  • Output voltage adjusting with potentiometer on the front plate
  • Output voltage & -current measuring with analog V-/A- meter.
Schaefer DC/DC Converter for Automation Application
  • Cooling via temperature controlled fans
  • Manufactured for insertion into 19" sub-rack
  • Client specific mechanical & electrical design
  • Digital displays
  • Emergency stop switch on the front plate
  • Operational under environmental temperatures of -40°C to 85°C.
CW 5587V-1
Schaefer 10kW Converter for Automation Application
  • Input voltage range: 320-460VAC, 3-phase
  • Liquid cooling, hermetically sealed enclosure
  • Inrush current limiting via phase controlled modulator
  • Voltage and current indication via isolation amplifier
  • Frequency: 30kHz.

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