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Helios Power Solutions has for over 20 years supplied world class power products and custom energy solutions to the Railways Sector.
Kiwirail Passenger Car Project

 Brenca / Silverstream enlisted Helios Power Solutions to design and supply their SR750A 24-volt charger. This was to be used by Kiwirail for illuminating their passenger cars.
Helios Power Solutions Contribution: Helios Power Solutions SR750A charger was designed to charge the batteries in each passenger car so that even if the engine stops, lighting can be maintained in the passenger cars.
Schaefer Rolling Stock Mounted Inverter
  • 8kVA 230VAC 50Hz inverters for supplying the onboard consumer AC loads
  • Extensive external tests for guaranteeing a high degree of: shock/vibration protection, EMC, environmental conditions e.g temperatures of -40 to 55°C and humidity. 
Schaefer 40kW Multi Input/Output On-board Power System
  • Hermetically sealed enclosure; Controlled air management
  • Self protecting, autonomous assessment of thermal and electrical parameters
  • Battery charger & DC Bus supply multi output
  • Engineered for a high degree of shock & vibration. 
Schaefer 2kVA Switchmode Inverter with Output Transformer
  • 110VDC/230VAC, 50Hz
  • Client specific mechanical design
  • Increased mechanical strength
  • Industrial grade components 
  • Tropical protection
  • Continuous short circuit protection. 
Schaefer 10kW DC/DC Converter for Locomotives in Yard
  • Input Voltage range: 500-850VDC 
  • Adjustable Output: 28-38VDC
  • Special mechanics for assembly within an existing cabinet
  • Extended temperature range: -40°C 
  • Tropical protection
  • Protection category: IP55 (outside), IP00 (inside) 
  • Cooling: natural convection. 
Schaefer Switch-mode Power Supply for Rail Application
  • High power density
  • Environmentally adapted to 97% non condensing humidity
  • Client interface and signals at the front
  • 19" design, vertical conventional cooling
  • Programmable output through an SPS controller. 
Schaefer 3kVA DC/AC Inverter in Parallel Function for On Board Mobile Application
  • DC Input, generator or battery power 
  • Mil STD 461E / 1322B / 810F
  • Extreme shock, vibration, temperature and altitude change
  • DSP controlled inversion for optimum power control
  • Extremely compact design to fulfil the Clients end design parameters
  • Supplies a compressor where the load demand rises repeatedly to 11 times the nominal output. 
Schaefer with High Power Density for Installation On Board a Train
  • 24kW Switch Mode Battery Charger
  • Totally sealed for protection against dust and dirt IP66
  • Operational under environmental temperatures of -40°C to 80°C
  • Designed to withstand a high level of shock.
Schaefer 12kW Battery Charger for On Board Application of a Locamotive
  • Signal Input Selection:
            1x (200-500) VAC @3kW
            3x 400VAC @ 6kW
            3x 480VAC @ 12kW
  • Designed for several input mains
  • Monitoring of output voltage & current
  • secured design in case of over voltage interruption/ interruption of sense or temperature sensor.   
Schaefer AC/DC Battery Charger for Railway Application
  • 8kW power rating
  • Thermal shutdown with auto restart
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Continuous short circuit protection
  • Increased mechanical strength
  • 19"/6U design. 

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