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Runway Lighting Project
Runway Lighting Project
Description: Helios Power Solutions were enlisted by Runway Lighting Project to design and supply an automatic duel redundant charging system, used for charging batteries on two generator sets used to power the runway lighting.
Helios Power Solutions Contribution: Helios Power Solutions specialist engineers designed the system so that regardless of power failure, there would always be charged batteries on the emergency generator sets. The SR500E 24-volt smart charger was designed in house and we worked on site with engineers to commission the system. As you can imagine this was a very important project to ensure that aircraft will always have a lit runway.
Schaefer On-board 3-D Radar Power Supply
  • 5kW Modules ensuring a high power sensity
  • Flexible orientation
  • Capable of populating a 5U rack with 3 units
  • Capable of populating a 3U rack with 2 units
  • Engineered for a high degree of shock & vibration. 

Schaefer Integrated Combined Solution
  • Multiple source power conversion system
  • Adjustable extraction power 
  • Synchronized output with specialized frequency
  • Pluggable system, installation on water heat sinks via pressure rails
  • Communication via EtherCat (PC-generator) 
Schaefer 10kW AC/DC Power Supply for Military Application
  • 340-475VAC input, 3-phase
  • Forced cooling
  • Thermal shutdown with auto restart
  • Compact and robust 19" design
  • Continuous short circuit protection.
Scahefer 19" 6U Battery Charger for Military Application
  • Input 3 x 360-440VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Output: 27VDC / 150A
  • Customized front panel with integrated controller display
  • Operating temperature: -20°C up to 75°C
  • Thermal shutdown with auto restart.  
Scahefer 10kW On Board Aircraft Application
  • 3-phase 480VAC, 400Hz input
  • 270VDC/ 10kW output
  • Mil STD 461E/ 1399/ 810F 
  • Able to withstand extreme  shock, vibration, temperature and altitude change
  • DSP controlled PFC for near PF unity
  • DSP controlled conversion for optimum power control. 
Schaefer 22kW Liquid Cooled DC/DC Converter
  • RS232/RS485 monitoring
  • Hermetically sealed enclosure, IP54
  • Indication of voltage and current via LED
  • Input voltage range: 675-800VDC
  • Output voltage range: 238-242VDC, adjustable
  • Reset via 24VDC signal.  
Schaefer 400kW Aircraft Starter System
  •  290VDC Power Supply System
  • Dual 700A configuration
  • For a highly inductive turbine load. 

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