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Line Powering Solutions

Product Series Power Input (V)   Output (V) Features
eLimiter+ AC - DC battery Chargers
eLimiter+ 98W -40 to -60Vdc   -57Vdc ♦ Modular line powering system designed for remotely powering iDAS and WiFi network equipment
♦ Meets NEC class 2 and communication circuit requirements for limited power circuits
♦ Dramatically reduces CAPEX costs and simplifies installation of network equipment requiring remote powering
♦ Built in DC-DC converter eliminates the need for externally mounted converter devices, significantly reducing
network planning and engineering costs
♦ I ndustry leading power density enabling up to 36 channels in a compact 2RU footprint
♦ Cordex controller provides advanced remote web based monitoring and control features
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 eLimiter+ AC - DC battery Chargers - data sheet

Product Series Power Input (V)   Output (V) Features
Aggregator - AC - DC Battery Chargers
Aggregator 800W 35 to 60Vdc   48Vdc ♦ Aggregates up to eight (8) NEC Class 2 inputs into a single, 48Vdc bulk output
♦ When deployed in conjunction with eLimiter product family, meets the requirements for Class 2 circuits,
even for remote devices that consume more than 100W of power
♦ Enables remote powering of iDAS, indoor small cells and WiFi networks
♦ Dramatically reduces CAPEX by eliminating the need for conduit and certified electrical technicians
♦ Results in lower OPEX by eliminating the requirements for batteries at the remote sites
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 Aggregator - AC - DC Battery Chargers - data sheet
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