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Helios Protocols

Protocols for Remote Monitoring include:
  • SNMP
  • SMS
  • DNP3
Below table provides protocol description and availability using Serial or Ethernet
connections directly from the Innovative Energies battery charger or power supply :
Protocol Description Ethernet Serial
IEASCII Innovative Energies ASCII Yes Yes
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol Yes No
* Available via protocol converter

The diagram below shows the optional hardware interfaces (RS232, RS485, LAN and LAN+)
for the battery charger / power supply protocol required.
Protocols including IEASCII, MODBUS, SNMP
Protocols available from Innovative Energies hardware interfaces:
RS232 RS485 LAN LAN+
MODBUS via Converter
SNMP via Converter
SMS via Converter 
DNP3 via Converter 
Innovative Energies provide top service to all of our customers. Our highly technical employees are always prepared to work with you, to design or repair any software related issues that may arise.
Both Modbus and DNP3 have been developed by the industrial community to be used in factories, SCADA systems etc. Serial was very popular in the past in these sectors and although it is still used by a lot of companies, it is slowly being phased out. By saying that, we do not believe it will disappear in the next 20 years as it is much cheaper to implement, understand and use.
Modbus RTU (serial) is very popular. Serial DNP3 although used, is not as popular as the Ethernet version.
SNMP has been developed specifically for use in computer networks, and has slowly found its way into the industrial world as industry and IT are slowly merging into each other.
As far we know serial SNMP does not exist. Unlike Modbus and DNP3, SNMP is not an industrial protocol, but has been developed by the internet community which is Ethernet based.
Please contact us for any software related enquiries.

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