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SNMP Updating Firmware

SNMP Update - How to update your firmware?
1) Note the current website version on the PSU Configuration page of the webpage, so that upon completion of this process you can check to see if the update has worked correctly.
2) Click the latest service pack undate link on the ‘SNMP – Software Updates’ webpage of our http://www.heliosps.co.nz/ website
3) Insert your Login & Password to gain access to the secure area.

4) Click on the ‘firmware.img’ file to download the latest firmware update, save this to the pc you are currently using.
5) Open an ftp client like Filezilla. Connect to the power supply unit using the unit IP Address under ‘Host’ (in the screenshot below they use and use ‘root’ both as the username and password.
6) Browse to the /mnt/flash directory on the unit.
7) Copy the firmware.img file that you want to upgrade the unit into /mnt/flash (as soon in the screenshot below)
8) On the PSU’s internal website, click on the ‘Upgrade and Reboot’ button. This action will trigger a reboot and the file upgrade to your PSU will be complete.
9) To confirm that the file upgrade did work, when the unit has rebooted, browse to the PSU Configuration page of the website. The website version should be different to the one noted in step 1, prior to the upgrade.

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