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MODBUS is considered an application layer messaging protocol, providing master/slave communication between devices. Modbus is used in the LAN/RS485 series of Power supply units. Modbus allows communication between many devices connected to the same network. It is often used to connect a supervisory computer with a remote terminal unit (RTU) in supervisory control systems.

MODBUS Serial Transmission Modes: Serial Modbus connection can use two basic transmission modes, ASCII or RTU. The transmission mode in serial communications defines the way the Modbus messages are coded. With Modbus/ASCII the messages are in a readable ASCII format.

When using Modbus/ASCII all messages are coded in hexadecimal values, represented with readable ASCII characters. 

The Power MBLink software is used to configure the Modbus address and baud rate of the interface. It monitors real time data with various Helios Power Supply parameters via the PROTOCONMB Modbus Port.

It also enables users to do a Battery Condition Test, constantly updating the voltage, current and temperature of the batteries.



The Serial Modbus Protocol Coverter is used with Helios Power Solutions DC Power supply/chargers (dual battery string SR250-V) It supports Serial Modbus RTU.

PROTOCONMB-V is used by Helios Power Supplies with a serial interface. The 'Dual Battery String Power MBLink' software is used to configure the MODBUS address and baud rate of the interface. It is a useful tool to monitor real time data with other versions of Helios Power Supplies, using the PROTOCONMB-V MODBUS Port.

Click here for pdf data sheet 


Serial Modbus Protocol Coverter is used with Helios Power Solutions DC Power supply/chargers (SRxxx-i and SRxxx-L) and supports serial Modbus RTU.

This product is used with Helios power Solutions power supplies serial RS484 interface.

Click here for pdf data sheet


The PROTOCONMB-OE  is a protocol converter which connects to Helios Power Solutions SR250i & SR100i models of power supply units. It makes the following parameters available via Modbus TCP & HTTP over Ethernet. Some of these parameters are listed below:

  • Output Voltage
  • Battery Current
  • Power Supply Current
  • Battery Temperature

It digitally controls the Battery Condition Test Start and Stop or Enable and Disable.

The PROTOCONMB-OE product has the capability to display data over the web when given an IP address with the Ethernet connection.
Click here for pdf data sheet.
Click here for overview of Modbus TCP/ SNMP/ HTML over ethernet  

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